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Review Management Ensures
Business Success

Automatit provides the proper resources

Over 90% of online users rely on reviews when making a purchasing decision. Online reviews can seriously impact your business in both positive and negative ways.  You will want to be properly armed to stay on top of monitoring your reviews and quickly respond.  Having an effective response strategy to acknowledge positive reviews, resolve any customer issues and promptly flag any potential false reviews.  How you manage your online reviews says a lot about how trustworthy your business is.

Partner With Automatit

In hyperlocal marketing, online reputation management is vital to any business.  Our reviews tool helps to collect, manage, and respond to customer reviews. 

Automatit has built in website technology that will display your very best online Google reviews directly on your website. The aim is to showcase your best qualities to potential customers and encourage customer feedback to improve your business and build valuable trust.

Review Tools

Collect, Manage, and Respond

Website Technology

Best Online Google Reviews

Showcase Quality

Encourage Customer Feedback

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